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Why Protein is Imperative to Achieve Your Dream Body

Why Protein is Imperative to Achieve Your Dream BodyWhenever ‘protein’ comes up in the context of fitness, the image of some buff body-builder is often the first thing that comes to mind. We often hear the myth that consuming more protein helps build muscle. And while too much of anything is harmful, protein is still important to complement active exercise.

Here are several reasons why protein is imperative to achieve your dream body.

Protein is important for cellular functions

Protein is a macromolecule found in all living cells that make up our body tissues. Actin and myosin, for example, function in cellular movement. Our muscles, in turn, are made up of muscle fibers comprising thousands of these molecules.

Protein is produced in the body through the assembly of amino acids within the cells. The body can produce twenty amino acids needed for bodily functions, but there are molecules called essential amino acids that can only come from certain types of food. In order to maintain a healthy body, protein should therefore be consumed and broken down into the amino acids our bodies can’t produce naturally.

Protein is needed for repair and growth

Micro muscle tears are a natural consequence of physical workout. The right kind of pain brought by these small tears in the muscle fibers is actually a good sign that your exercise is doing its job. When these tears knit back together, new muscle is synthesized.

The basic building blocks of our muscles are protein molecules. Because of this, you will need protein to repair these muscle fibers and build new muscle mass.

Protein fill you up without the added weight

Protein improves appetite control and satiety when taken in right amounts. Its consumption also promotes increased expenditure of energy (calories) to burn food. When combined, these effects have huge benefits for people who want to lose weight.

Think you need protein?

Short answer: yes. However, anything in excess can be harmful. When eaten in the right amounts from right food sources, protein will help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted to have.

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