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Water During Fitness Training

Water During Fitness TrainingDrinking water during fitness training has a couple of benefits. As you might already know, water covers more than half the physical body. It is an essential nutrient that affects major body parts, including the skin, lungs, heart, brain, and bones.

“Water represents a critical nutrient whose absence will be lethal within days.” – Barry Popkin, Food Science Researcher

Here is a list of the benefits of drinking water during fitness training:

1. Optimal performance in activities

Each time you sweat in an exercise, you lose a significant amount of water from your body. That is when you give way to dehydration. It happens when your body no longer has the sufficient amount of water that it needs.

At low levels, your ability to perform well at an activity declines as well. Thus, exposing you to unwanted conditions such as fatigue and reduced motivation. So, stay hydrated for optimal performance.

2. Improved cognitive functions

Dehydration also affects the way that your brain functions and perceives things. It could lessen your ability to discriminate between the items that you see as well as weakens your memory. During fitness training, remember that it pays well to be alert and conscious of your actions.

3. Happy and healthy heart

According to a scientific review, the position of your heart in particular exercise positions can affect the way that blood volume is distributed throughout your body. By keeping yourself hydrated, you help maintain your blood volume at a normal level. And with it comes a happy and healthy heart.

Final Thoughts

Water can be found in different food sources. To name just a few, there’s watermelon, cucumber, soup, and beverages.

Thirst, however, does not necessarily mean that you need to drink more water. There are a variety of reasons that attract us to drink. Also, the amount of water that your body needs is relative to one’s age and gender as according to the US Water Adequate Intake Recommendations.

Females who are 19 to 13 years old, for example, has a recommended water intake of 2.336 liters. Males under the same age group, on the other hand, are recommended to drink 3.189 liters.

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