Maximize Your Workout Potential

What are the 3 Workout Cycles?

European training is different than any circuit training or group exercise program you’ve ever experienced. Pavel maximizes your workout utilizing his European 3-cycle system. This system lowers the risk of injury and you will experience fresh, engaging workouts each session so you’ll never be bored. The 3-cycle system focuses on training the connective tissues to prepare your body for the power cycle. During the power cycle, you will gain strength and fitness for peak performance.

  • 1. Connective Tissue Cycle
  • 2. Stabalizer Cycle
  • 3. Power/Peak Performance Cycle

Pavel understands the human body in such a way that he is able to train you to maximize your workout potential while minimizing the potential of injury.

Health Alert

Did you know that according to the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, 1 in 4 people in Green County were considered obese in 2011? While this is a fairly healthy statistic compared to the national obesity rate of 27.7 percent. That being said, Missouri obesity rate is in the bottom third of the national average.

There is good news. Pavel Samsinak has the formula to beat the odds.

Beating the Odds at Czech Us Out Gym in Springfield, Missouri

Learning the European Cycle Workout System

Pavel practices what he preaches. He works hard everyday on his own body so he can share what he has learned as an Olympic athlete with his clients. His knowledge of he human body is unbelievable and when he works you out and trains your body, you will experience a level of results you never imagined. He brings all the knowledge he gained in Europe to America and you now have the opportunity to learn exercise and nutrition like you’ve never learned before.

Pavel encourages you to visit his Nutrition page to learn more about maintaining a healthier diet. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Pavel, or one of his trainer’s, feel free to contact us today.


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