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Meet Pavel


Meet Pavel – An Olympic Athlete as Your Personal Trainer

I have always had a passion for health and fitness. It has been my way of life, and through my experiences I want to bring you the knowledge, training, and motivation to be your healthiest, leanest, and happiest. Pavel Samsinak

I was born in the former Czechoslovakia (since 1991 Czech Republic). My dad, as a basketball player, always forced me to be active in sports. It was a way of life in a communist country; children were scouted for their talents and trained accordingly in hopes of bringing honor and glory to the country. Because I was naturally taller and stronger than my peers, I was targeted for strength and endurance sports.


At age 10, I was dragged to an elementary sports school under communist government leadership

In plain language, it was boot camp for kids, emphasizing sports instead of academics. Only about half of those who entered the school would finish. In the beginning, my class had 24 kids. Upon graduation, only 11 of us remained. The next step for me was a sports high school called Gymnasium. After a general education in many sports, I started to focus entirely on the decathlon. After 2 years, I discovered I had a unique talent for the javelin.

Javelin is a demanding discipline which requires expertise in technique, speed, power, and flexibility. At 18 years old I was able to throw 84.6 meters, which qualified me as second best in Czech after Jan Zelezny (world record holder, three time winner of Grand Prix, countless medals from World Championships). I enjoyed many victories as a world class junior javelin athlete. However, the stress of training so intensely took its toll too soon for me. My athletic track and field career ended in the spring of 1992, when I injured my lower back muscles. After that injury, I have never been able to throw the javelin again. From that point, I forgot all about sports and got back to real life—college and work.

The Czech Olympic bobsled team hired me as the rear man on the bobsled Pavel Samsinak

Despite some bitterness over the injury, I won a second chance. Because Czech Republic did not have a bobsled track to practice on, we traveled throughout Europe and trained in the Alps and the Dolomite Mountains. Athletics allowed me to travel and see many ways of living. I enjoyed my time as a world-class bobsledder. However, after 2 years, I got too many scars and realized the sport was too dangerous for even my nerves anymore! I moved to Holland, finished college, and enjoyed life like never before.

I traveled to the United States for a vacation that would never end

When I arrived here, I found that my experience and passion for health and fitness were needed. I became involved with gyms and individuals needing information and direction about how to live a healthy lifestyle. I began training and lecturing on keys to health, nutrition, fitness, and goal setting.

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Please don’t slip into your habitual pattern of over-eating and piling up fat. Even though the odds are against you—America is the most overweight nation on the planet, with some reports saying that up to 75% of Americans are overweight and around 40% are medically obese—you have the information, the program, and the training necessary to beat these odds.


Please, be good to yourself and get lean and healthy. Make it your top priority. Stick to it, for a lifetime, and you will be successful. I will help you, every step of the way. It’s my contribution to you! Continue learning more about Czech Us