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Lose 2 to 7 Pounds Per Week

November 25, 2017

Pavel mixing up a recovery smoothie

Regular exercise is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but did you know nutrition is the most important aspect to losing and maintaining a healthy weight?  To effectively lose body weight and fat and lose 2 to 7 pounds per week, you must not secrete the powerful hormone INSULIN.  A very simple, yet effective way of losing weight is as follows:


Things NOT to EAT

  • • Breads or pastas of any kind (avoid all products using white or whole wheat flour).
  • • Breakfast cereals and oatmeal.
  • • All fruit or vegetable juices.
  • • All alcohol or sodas.
  • • White starchy vegetables.
  • • All kinds of sugars (Natural or artificial flavors).
  • • All desserts.

Things You SHOULD Eat

  • • All meats.
  • • All fish.
  • • All birds.
  • • 100% cheeses.
  • • Raw nuts and seeds.
  • • All green or red vegetables.
  • • All fruits (except bananas, pineapple, grapes).

To schedule an appointment at Czech Us Out to learn how you can lose 2 to 7 pounds per week and help you begin your new and improved healthy lifestyle, we encourage you to contact us or stop by the gym to learn more.


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