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Importance of Stretching

Importance of StretchingWe’ve heard time and again about the importance of stretching. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hitting the gym or staying in. Stretching can relieve the tightness and tension in those muscles to help them wake up and prevent long-term damage.

Stretching techniques

Three types of muscle stretching techniques include static, dynamic, and pre-contraction stretches. Static stretching is the most traditional and common. This is when you hold a muscle in a specific stretching position for a time and then repeat.

Dynamic stretching involves movement coupled with stretching, further classified into active and ballistic stretching. The latter has been deemed unsafe due to the bouncing component that raises the risk of injury to the performer. On the other hand, pre-contraction stretching entails contraction of the targeted muscle or its antagonist prior to stretching.

Stretching and flexibility

Stretching improves flexibility of muscles. Muscles with developed flexibility can maintain a wide range of motion in the joints. When muscles are left to become tight, stiff and shortened, they are unable to extend all the way as required by specific movements.

Muscles lacking the flexibility needed to perform whether in exercise or everyday life heighten the risk of joint pain, injury, and soreness.

Stretching for warm-up and cool-down

Stretching has always been a staple activity prior to exercise. However, little evidence has been provided for its separate injury risk reduction capabilities. This is also mostly due to the fact that stretching is combined with other warm-up activities like practice drills and low-intensity movements, which is the right way to go since stretching tight muscles without having warmed up can do more damage than benefit.

Stretching for cool-down is also an absolute must. When done properly, this will offer a lot of benefits like reducing soreness and regulating blood flow.

Don’t forget to stretch

Don’t treat stretching as a separate component of your daily workout. You must do it, and do it regularly in order to achieve maximum muscle power and capacity.

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