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How the Food You Eat Changes Your DNA

How the Food You Eat Changes Your DNALong ago, you may have also heard that your appearance, personality, and behavior are things that you’ve inherited from your parents. But something more specific helps shape your unique features and attributes — dietary choices. Here’s how the food you eat changes your DNA.

“The revolutionary new field of epigenetics has lead to the discovery that what we do actually changes the way our DNA is used, that the choices we make can forever transform our genetic code.” – Austin Perlmutter, MD

What is Epigenetics

Live Science defines epigenetics as that which “refers to external modifications to DNA that turn genes on or off.” These modifications, however, do not change the way that your DNA is built. Instead, they influence how your cells “read” your genes.

Modifying Your Genetic Code

Remember that cells are the basic units of your body. And each cell carries within it thousands of genes, which hold the key or information of your inherited features. Thus, for example, you have brown eyes because one of your family members — or can be all of them — have brown eyes; that feature is written in your genetic code.

As you go through life, you make choices (a lot of choices) regarding your hobbies, career, the things that make you happy, as well as the food you eat. But as you make these significant choices, you are also telling your body about them and thereby adding significant “tags” to your genetic code.

These tags help your cells determine who you are and what your body is made of. Positive choices are reflected by positive features or traits.

Similarly, having a healthy diet affects your body’s DNA. The food you eat changes your DNA from its tips, also known as telomeres.

According to scientific data, longer exposure to high blood sugar can severely damage your telomeres and ultimately your DNA. The same can be said of other unhealthy substances that may be included in your food intake.

You Decide Who You Become

Who do you want to become? Or, perhaps more importantly, what kind of genes do you want to pass on to your children and future generations? The food you eat matters.

It is not much about what kind of genes you’ve inherited but about what you make out of those genes. You have the choice — you can either use what you have to become your best version or neglect it.

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