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Functional Fitness for a Better Everyday Life

Functional Fitness for a Better Everyday LifePeople nowadays are talking about functional exercise or functional fitness for a better everyday life. They have turned from heavyweight workout machines to simple exercises. Here’s what it is and how it can benefit you, too!

What is Functional Fitness?

Functional fitness training equips the body to deal with the day-to-day situations in life. Imagine going up the stairs, carrying a baby, bending over to pick up something, or swaying that golf club.

Without proper exercise, your body will not be able to perform at its peak. Workout machines may do well for strengthening specific muscles in your body. What functional fitness does is it equips your muscles to work together and not just in isolation.   

Functional Fitness Training Exercises

According to kinesthesiologist Paul Chek, “In functional fitness, most of the time, you should be standing on your own two feet and supporting your own weight when you lift anything.”

Here are a few examples of these exercises:

  • One-legged squat  
  • Bent-over row
  • Side lunge
  • Pushup
  • Bicep curl

They can be done using various equipment like resistance bands and dumbbells. You can start with simple moves until you learn to control and balance your body weight.

As you progress, you may notice improvements in your posture, daily movements, muscle strength, as well as in your performance in sports.

Is it right for you?

Strengthening one’s core muscle groups as well as achieving optimal health are beneficial at any age. For older adults, in particular, these help them fight osteoporosis as well as symptoms of chronic diseases. And it’s what functional fitness training does.

But before diving right into any of the exercises, it is recommended that you check with your doctor first. This helps ensure that you are totally ready for it and could also help determine the actual exercises that you can work on.

Are you in the Springfield area? For training and further assistance on Functional Fitness for a Better Everyday Life, feel free to contact Pavel.

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