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Five Reasons Why Your Cardio Exercise Isn’t Working

Five Reasons Why Your Cardio Exercise Isn't WorkingAerobic or cardio exercise is an important component of any weight loss program. Before hitting the bench press, you must first sweat it out on the treadmill. Our bodies are meant to move, and cardio workouts offer benefits ranging from thousands of burned calories to stronger heart and lungs.

If cardio is as effective as it’s made out to be, then why are you seeing no progress despite cycling every time you hit the gym? Here are five reasons why your cardio exercise isn’t working.

You’re Not Working Hard Enough

The FITT (frequency, intensity, time, and type) principle of exercise helps in understanding the importance of minding the level of your workout regimen. According to this principle, your initial level of fitness determines the intensity of exercise that you will need to start with in order to increase your fitness. If you’ve been working out forever and haven’t seen any results, then you might have hit a plateau and it’s time to increase the intensity of your training.

You’re Working Way Too Hard

There’s such a thing as overtraining. Apart from the risk of hurting yourself in the long run, overdoing your workout can lead to demotivation and inability to complete your exercise. What’s more, overworking your cardio may also backfire on your body’s ability to metabolize and burn those calories you need to get rid of.

There’s Not Enough Variety in Your Workout

You can’t keep doing cardio forever. A program that combines both aerobic and resistance training will bring optimal reduction of body fat and increased muscle mass. This leads to an improved overall physical fitness. Walking on the treadmill everyday at 3mph for 20 minutes is a great base to start from, but you must add in variety such as intensity and duration. Since the body thrives on weight bearing exercise, add some weights/bodyweight movements to your routine.

You’re Inconsistent

Having a workout plan tailored to your body type, fitness level and desired output isn’t enough. Consistency is still key to achieving your fitness goals. When you go ten miles on a treadmill on Monday only to skip a week, then you’re getting nowhere.

You Haven’t Changed Your Diet

The most basic tenet of any effective fitness program is the combination of a healthy diet and exercise. You can’t make up for binging on food by exercising harder. Similarly, you should never sabotage a good session by overcompensating on calories post-workout.

Fitness is Multifactorial

Physical fitness and weight loss training aren’t one-track endeavors. Relying on cardio exercise without understanding how different factors affect results will become a roadblock in the long run. Remember to step back and find out in which aspect you’re falling short and take it from there.

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