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Lose 2 to 7 Pounds Per Week

Lose 2 to 7 Pounds Per Week November 25, 2017 Pavel mixing up a recovery smoothie Regular exercise is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but did you know nutrition is the most important aspect to losing and maintaining a healthy weight?  To effectively lose body weight and fat and lose 2 to 7 pounds…

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Where does the fat go?

Given the prevailing flapdoodle that fills the weight loss marketplace, it’s not surprising most folks are confused about what happens to their fat if they manage to lose some. Asking some of our clients we got a wide variety of wrong answers. Most common were: “Fat is released from fat cells and flows down the…

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One Year of Personal Training

One Year of Personal Training October 25, 2017 Depending on how much you take advantage of Czech Us Out, you can get up to 75% off with this package.  When you finally come to the realization that your health and fitness is no longer just a phase, but becomes a lifestyle, is when you have…

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24 Personal Training Sessions

24 Personal Training Sessions October 25, 2017 The 24 personal training sessions package is the most common fitness training solution that Pavel offers at Czech Us Out.  For only $612, you will have a former Olympian personally training you for 24 workouts.  Not only will you get in much better shape, but Pavel will be there every…

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1 Personal Training Session

1 Personal Training Session October 25, 2017 For only $30, you can have Pavel work with you for one full private training session at Czech Us Out gym.  Pavel will tell give you as much knowledge as he can while he works with you on your fitness objectives for the day!  Come by the gym…

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