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Maximize Your Workout What are the 3 Workout Cycles?

European training is different than any circuit training or group exercise program you’ve ever experienced. Pavel maximizes your workout utilizing his European 3-cycle system. This system lowers the risk of injury and you will experience fresh, engaging workouts each session so you’ll never be bored. The 3-cycle system focuses on training the connective tissues to prepare your body for the power cycle. During the power cycle, you will gain strength and fitness for peak performance.

Welcome to Czech Us Out.

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Czech Us Out is a boutique style gym designed around personal training.

Everyone that works out here will receive personal attention and an exercise routine like you have never seen.  Pavel instills a light-hearted, but dedicated regimen that is sure to provide you with all the nutritional and exercise knowledge you will ever need to achieve your goals.

Pavel understands the human body in such a way that he is able to train you to maximize your workout potential while minimizing the potential of injury. There is good news. Pavel Samsinak has the formula to beat the odds.


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