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At Czech Us Out, you will get a professional, affordable, and highly experienced personal trainer who will customize your fitness needs and work with you one-on-one to reach all your fitness goals.

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Training Program

A complete program and plan will be built just for you, emphasizing:

• Weight training

• Aerobic fitness

• Stretching and flexibility

• Nutrition and supplementation

• Goal setting and motivation

Czech Us Out is a boutique style gym designed around personal training.  Everyone that works out here will receive personal attention and an exercise routine like you have never seen.  Pavel instills a light-hearted, but dedicated regimen that is sure to provide you with all the nutritional and exercise knowledge you will ever need to achieve your goals.


Czech out our photo gallery inside the gym.

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Learn about Pavel Samsinak

Find Out How YOU Can Lose 2 to 7 Pounds Per Week!

You might be surprised at how this can be acheived...

Lose Weight Fast and HealthyPavel has spent years learning about how the human body works. 

Utilizing his years of training as both a successful javelin thrower, triathalete and Olympian, he understands what it takes to achieve a healthy body. 

“Czech” out what he recommends to jump start your new and improved healthier lifestyle.

Lose 2 to 7 Pounds Per Week

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